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If its high traffic areas such as parking garages or plaza areas or maybe you require planter box waterproofing or coatings for decks & mechanical rooms, considered it restored and resealed with our specialized waterproofing. From Sika & Tremco polyurethane deck coatings to cold applied CIM 100, Sika 7600 sealant systems we have you covered. We also apply 215 mil split slab hot rubber coat sealant systems

Polyurethane Deck Coating

  • Parking Decks
  • Ramps
  • Balconies

The craftsmanship of installing a deck coating making sure it is
visually flat is a technically challenging job and Paramount
understands this, we will provide an exceptional level of detail when
installing these polyurethane deck coatings.
the Paramount deck coating teams focus on every detail making sure
they look at their very best and last longer:

  • CRACKS – Using detailed crack repair techniques we work hard to make
    sure all cracks are hidden and will appear less transparent on a
    finished product surface.
  • CONTROL JOINTS – we make sure all joints have proper engineering with
    detail reinforcement when excessive movement requires it to be applied
  • AGGREGATE LOADING – Creating a high quality textured walk surface can
    be a tedious task but our team are always up to the challenge making
    sure sand is evenly dispersed during the process for the ultimate